The most bautiful archipelago of Blekinge


Garnanäs Gård has over the years created many different possibilities for our guests to stay over night.
Apartments in renovated cozy barns from the 1870s and summerhouses of varying sizes, makes it easy
to find a perfect place just for you, your family and friends. 
It's also very easy to fall in love with the beautiful surruondings, the Garnanäs Nature Reserve and of corse the sea.
Here you can wander freely and simply enjoy nature. There are plenty of places to go swimming,
or you could hire one of our boats and explore the many islands off our coastline.
The archipelago of Blekinge is simply fantastic!

Family Outings

Here at Garnanäs Gård we can offer you accommodation in beautiful natural coastal surroundings. You will find activities neraby, and get an unforgettable experience in a relaxing environment. Nearby there are great places for hiking and swimming. You can hire a boat and take your family out to explore the many islands off our coast, and the wild life is there to explore.
We also offer boats with silent electric motors

for quiet relaxing days!

Exploring the Archipelago

Nature here in Blekinge does not only attract fishing enthusiasts. It's perfect for anyone.

Do you wish to take your family on a fishing trip or on a tour through the archipelago?
Find some places where you can find your perfect, remote swimming spot? Or picnic on your very own island. We have boats to hire. For those with less experience of boating we can arrange a guided boat excursion for you around Garnanäs.

Garnanäs Nature Reserve

On the southern peninsular of Garnanäs,
our nature reserve is located. It is part of the beautiful coastal landscape and consists of
22 ha of grazed woodlands and hardwood forests, surrounding a large key habitat area. The headland’s highest peak is about 16 meters above sea level. Here you can wander freely and simply enjoy nature. For the keen birdwatcher, we have a large variety of land- and sea birds for you to enjoy.


Here at Garnanäs Gård you can truly experience nature with its wonderful scenery and fantastic fishing opportunities.
The archipelago of Blekinge offers fantastic opportunities for fishing pike, sea trout, salmon, cod, perch and herring,

among all its beautiful islands and bays. We provide as well boats as living, to make your fishing trip a really good time.